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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally

How to get rid of mosquitoes using mosquito repellent or applied to the skin may not be suitable for everyone. Because the ingredients are made from a mixture of chemicals, mosquito repellent risks inviting side effects to health. How to repel mosquitoes with topical anti-mosquito drugs do not kill mosquitoes, but work by preventing mosquitoes from biting the skin. Using topical anti-mosquito drugs made from chemicals can indeed provide fast results, but its use risks causing side effects. The main ingredient of anti-mosquito lotion is DEET (diethyltoluamide) which can cause irritation in some people.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Actually there are still ways to repel mosquitoes that come from natural ingredients. Here are some ways you can do to avoid mosquito bites and risk the disease they carry.
  • Use cinnamon oil

  • A study revealed that cinnamon oil can eradicate mosquito eggs. You can apply this oil in mosquito breeding places. Actually this oil can also repel large mosquitoes, but for the use of oil directly on the skin, it is recommended to be done carefully because it can cause skin irritation. Mix 120 ml of water with 24 drops or quarter teaspoon of cinnamon oil. Put the mixture in a bottle with spray. You can spray the liquid on the skin, clothing, items, plants, and around your home.
  • Using citronella oil

  • Lemongrass oil which is also known as citronella oil can last up to 20 minutes to repel mosquitoes. Research shows that lemongrass oil has the same effectiveness as cinnamon oil. Lemongrass oil can be made at home. Because it only lasts a short time, maybe you need to apply it again a few moments later if needed.
  • Using soybean oil

  • This soy-based oil can be used by children to prevent them from mosquito bites. This oil can provide protection that is more durable than lemongrass oil, which is about 2 hours. You can also mix lemongrass oil into soybean oil. The combination of these two oils effectively ward off various types of mosquito bites.
  • Using eucalyptus lemon oil

  • Eucalyptus lemon oil has long been used as a natural way to repel mosquitoes. This natural ingredient can prevent mosquito bites for three hours. Although natural, eucalyptus lemon oil should not be used in children under three years of age.
  • Wearing long clothes

  • Using clothing that covers the whole body is effective if there are mosquitoes in the area where you live. It might feel a little hot, but this method works as a protection from mosquito bites. Choose clothing material that easily absorbs sweat to feel cooler. In addition, avoid the dark color of clothes because it will attract the attention of mosquitoes.
  • Turn on the fan and eliminate standing water

  • The wind produced by the fan makes it difficult for mosquitoes to move in the air. In addition, dispose or keep objects that can hold water, such as plastic containers, baskets, or pots that are not used and can cause standing water.
If you can't make your own oils at home, like cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil or soybean oil, choose a topical mosquito repellent that contains citronella oil. This product is also safer to use by pregnant women compared to topical anti-mosquito medication on the market which usually uses the active ingredient DEET. Apply a little on the skin and also apply on clothing. In addition to the above methods, you can also avoid mosquitoes by using mosquito nets while sleeping and maintaining mosquito repellent facilities.


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